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Meditation Soulwork Healing | Aiyana Grace

Welcome to
Soulwork Healing

Unlock your own unique gifts & calling, so you step into your power through deep soul remembering & returning back to your heart.


Meet Aiyana Grace

Medicine Woman, Sound Alchemist and Cosmic Guide.

By tapping into the subtle multi dimensional frequencies using mediumship, intuitive energy healing,  sound vibrations & Light Language codes, Aiyana is able to assist her clients and containers into deep states of self realization & profound energy clearings, so they can find harmony within mind, body & spirit.


It is my mission to help guide and support those on their journeys to awakening, remembering & finding wholeness within self. Coming home to the heart can be one of the most challenging aspects of healing,  but the most life changing & freeing.


I want to help people feel connected again so that they can achieve the abundant, magical & joyful life they deserve, as well as activating their soul's purpose on the planet right now, at this incredibly integral time for humanity & consciousness.


Sound Vibrations | Soulwork Healing | Aiyana Grace


Clear away stagnant energies and blockages that are holding you back from living your fullest expression & dream life.


Submerge yourself in the powerful combination of Intuitive Energy Healing, Reiki, Sound Healing & Light Language Frequencies to activate your highest potential.


Connect to your ancestors, spirit guides & galactic beings to receive messages, synchronicities & codes to activate, guide & support you on your journey. 


Tapping into the past, present & future through mediumship, the Akashic Records & messages from Tarot & Oracle card readings.

Soul Readings | Soulwork Healing | Aiyana Grace

A Word From My Clients

" I've just finished my 1-2-1 coaching with Aiyana and my heart is so full. I found Aiyana at a time where I was navigating my dad passing away, trying to find my light again and trying to figure out how I want to appear in the world. She was the beautiful soul I didn't know I needed until she was there. Over the weeks we've been working together Aiyana has held me with love and compassion; she has let me steer our sessions so they have been led by what is present for me or going on that week, and yet guided me and supported me every step of the way in ways I didn't even know I needed. The honest, non judgemental communication we have developed and nurtured has been key to allow me to step into the healing work that my body and soul needed. I will desperately miss our sessions but know that Aiyana has set the groundwork and given me the tools I need to continue this journey.  She is a beautiful, wise soul who was meant to be here at this time to support people on their journey of healing and self discovery. "


~ Fiona

Healing Resources


Join me in person and online for some magical offerings including Cacao Ceremonies, Voice Activations, Sound Baths, Women’s Circles, Retreats and so much more!


Soul activating opportunities you aren’t going to want to miss!


Follow my weird and wonderful journey, as I travel around the world, going through initiations, activations and spiritual upgrades. Sharing my personal experience with the polarities of life in all of its beauty & its pain as I navigate the lessons of being a human living a cosmic soul led life.

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