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Join Us for a 3 hour deep dive into activating your Unique Light Codes & Psychic gifts. A workshop for soul seekers who feel a deeper calling to activate their galactic & channeling abilities. Understand the healing powers of light language codes & how to work with higher energy healing frequencies in your own unique way. 


Light Language is a Universal and multidimensional language that can be spoken, written or sunday in such a way that it bypasses our linear thinking minds & speaks directly to the center of our hearts. It has the ability to clear our energy bodies in a profound and gentle way as well as activate places in our being, our DNA that are ready to be awakened and put into action. 


In this replay you will


  • Learn about Starseeds & the different Galactic races 
  • Understand what light language is & how to channel
  • Discuss the importance of spiritual grounding & protection
  • Activate your throat chakra
  • Activate your own unique light codes 
  • Be guided through somatic movement and vocal practices



Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a link to the replay.

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